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Colombo RA/RC 135/22 14/16hp ATC Spindle Motor

Giordano Colombo


Product Description

Giordano Colombo RA/RC 135/22 50 FP1 HSK 63F automatic tool change (ATC) fan-cooled electric spindle motor, 220V/380V.

Colombo RA/RC Series Spindle Motors

Giordano Colombo spindles are designed for applications on machines working wood, plastic, aluminum, light alloy, glass and marble. The frame is made from extruded aluminum bar or from heat treated special alloy aluminum ingot. The bearings are a precision angular contact type, with steel or ceramic balls and life lubrication with special grease for high speeds.

Colombo RA/RC 135/22 Spindle Motor Specifications:

  • Taper: HSK F63
  • Tool Clamping System: Collet HSK F63
  • Front Bearings: Angular ceramic contact bearings
  • Rear Bearings: Angular ceramic contact bearings
  • Bearing Lubrification Grease: Kluber Isoflex Topas NB52 or Lubcon Turmogrease Highspeed L25
  • Front sealing system: Compressed Air pressure (bar) = for cooling
  • Noise statement: RA-RC Series max dbA = 72 (@60000rpm)
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Double-acting pneumatic delivery and return
  • Extra length front bearing housing for higher radial loads
  • Model #RA-RC135/2250FP1HSKF63CRPDESL
  • Part #GC63F0022-16D

Category: RA Series, RC Series